Group Fitness Training


 To book call us on 075735855 or book in at the front desk.


*Booking is essential for TRX and Boxfit.

*All classes apart from yoga are now included in gym memberships

                  Yoga Class Cost:     Non- Member: $20.00         Non-Member Concession Card: $140

                                            Member: $8.00  Member      Concession Card: $70.00



Any inquiries about Te Puke Fitness classes, please contact 075735855 or send us a message. 


TRX is a circuit style class designed to hit the whole body. Using stabilizing muscles. We get your body ready for this high intensity, strengthening, calorie-burning workout, with dynamic stretching.


TPFSPIN is a spin class is a high intensity, low impact class. Improving your overall fitness by building strength and cardiovascular fitness.


Core class will teach you how to maintain a neutral spine, diaphragm breathing techniques, how to activate and stabilise deep internal muscles. Beneficial for body awareness, posture, movement and performance in all areas.


Box fit is a full body workout, including a circuit designed for strength and cardio fitness and technique including boxing techniques.


Vinyassa Flow and Hatha style yoga will improve your mind, strength, balance, flexibility and wellbeing.